Albanian Youth Activism is an initiative of a group of young activists who believe and support the idea that change comes from the awareness and responsiveness of the community.
This organisation aims to create not only a legal form of activism but also legitimate young citizens to create a better community including various citizenship problems.
Our team promotes and facilitates positive youngster people’s capacity building through education initiatives to enhance creativity, innovation, exchange of experiences and good practices for a more inclusive and supportive European society.
We aim at contributing to the active involvement of the young people, the civil society and the related Stakeholders and Institutions at all levels.

Next event : 19th April 2017 Destil Hostel Albania, more info on facebook

Why photoboob ?

We find it crucial to promote such a sensitive topic as this is in Albania where most of the people don’t know that there is the possibility to notice breast’s cancer development only by getting to know your breasts and touching them. Also we want to break stereotypes of sexuality where breasts are seen just as sexual accessories to female body. Every woman has the right of health care and dignity.